How does Social business Differ from Social Media?

17 Oct

Social business is defined in as modern development transforming the way corporations function and generate value for employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders and partners, (

Social media can be defined as “interactive platforms via which individuals and communities create and share user-generated content”. Social media includes the various online technology tools that enable people to communicate easily via the internet to share information and resources. Social media can include text, audio, video, images, podcasts, and other multimedia communications.

Social media is used by companies to interact with its customers and potential new customers through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more social networks. Social business uses social media to interact with its customers by marketing new products or developments, create customer loyalty by building relationships, recruiting staff, inform people of the business and have people discuss your business through social media promotions, deliver information fast, effectively and efficiently, and also follow your competitors developments and analyse how you can better your business against others in your market.

Therefore social business is a product of social media but the business uses social media to develop the business constructively through twitter, facebook, blogs etc..

What do people think? Do they think I have explained the difference between both? Anybody wish to expand on what I have discussed or if they disagree with me. Any comments are welcome


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