What is Social Business?

17 Oct

Greetings all. Today I will enter my first blog entry based on social business. First take a look at the link below which is a youtube video giving a perspective on what social business is and where the value lies in becoming a social business.


Social technology is entering into organisations at quite a fast pace. Social technologies supports business and customers needs. The thing about the success of social media in business is that IT is playing catch – up and struggling to provide value. As social media is a new age boom, it seems to be creating decision issues for CIO’s in organisations. Do they just focus on the IT issue in a company or do they lead IT to social business maturity?  If a decision is not made on driving IT towards social business maturity they risk falling behind businesses who are already adopting social media. Failure to grab this opportunity will result in further isolation of IT from mainstream business and may paint a negative picture of the CIO being out of touch with reality.

What are your thoughts on becoming a social business and the part the CIO will play in this if any?

Fenwick, N, The new era of social business, database trends and applications:KM World, June 2012






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