Strategic alignment issues faced by CRO’s

19 Oct

Strategic alignment, as has already been discussed in previous posts, is paramount in contributing to the success of a business. A well implemented strategic alignment ensures a healthy synchronisation between people, products, and processes within an organisation.

An article in PharmaTimes magazine in April of this year stated that the partnerships between clinical research organisations (CRO’s) ‘must be strategically aligned’. The article highlights the fact that CRO’s are ‘wasting time and money in economically constrained circumstances by failing to align their strategic objectives’.

So what are the reasons behind this issue? CRO’s are currently believed to have “a broad strategic rationale” and continue to experiment with different relationship models. Their desire to keep up-to-date by experimenting with different relationship models is admirable, however I cant help but feel that a slightly more conventional approach would be more beneficial.

If we’re to look at todays business environment we learn that there is increased globalisation, increased competitive pressure, frequent mergers, rapidly changing technology, and evolving patterns of consumer demand. If businesses are willing to adapt to these ever-changing developments, it must do so strategically. Each department of the company must ensure that they are on the same wavelength. If not, it suffers the consequences of poor strategic alignment.

Feel free to add comments or suggestions of ways that you feel could address these issues.


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