Strategic Alignment Goes Beyond Your Workforce

25 Oct

An article published just yesterday on ‘’ argues that strategic alignment is not just specifically targeted at the workforce of a business. The article insists that ‘at a minimum, your legal counsel and other important advisors’ should also comply and adhere to a businesses strategic alignment. The article maintains that the importance of having ‘aligned’ outside advisors is crucial for the following reasons:

– Less wasted time

– Less wasted money is both consulting fees and lost opportunities

– Less frustration and misunderstandings

– More productive negotiations and transactions

– More meaningful and direct accomplishment of your business goals

The article then continues to suggest methods of finding aligned advisors and what it would mean. The first point it makes is that advisors differ, be it their personality of attributes. The argument I would have with this is how long would it take to secure an ‘aligned’ advisor? It may take a long period of time to find a desired advisor, by that time you may have lost more money than you could have saved by training an advisor into the ethos of your organisation. The argument I make here ties in with the next point made in the article. ‘Aligned advisors adopt your approach, not theirs – so they need to know what your approach is and what your objectives are’.

I would support some other statements made in the article about informing advisors of changes in culture’ philosophy, tactics, objectives, budget, etc. This is an important role in improving and maintaining strategic alignment.

I would also agree with the process of evaluating advisors and their alignment. Some advisors have a tendency to go with their own ideas for a business without considering the character of an organisation.


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