Alternative Blog 2: The Dangers of Social Business and Social media!!!

29 Oct

Up until now there has been, quite a few number of blogs discussing the positive benefits of social business and social media (including my last blog). However, I have decided to branch in a different direction, and once again, I have taken an alternative view. This view will be exploring and discussing some of the negative impacts of social business and social media. In this blog I will offer insight into the potential dangers associated with social business and in particular social media, my research will use case studies to provide examples highlighting the effects on society.

The first area I looked into was in a political domain, to use a current example last September Indian Premier Manmohan Singh warned of the dangers of social media, in relation to inflamed ethnic tensions after online threats and text messages sparked a mass exodus of migrants from southern cities. (The Express Tribune,2012, area of social business negative implications is rarely discussed in main stream media. The explosion of incorrect and dangerous information that travels so fast can have devastating effects on people as the article examines. However, one must also acknowledge the importance of social media in spreading democracy around the world which must not be overlooked.

To provide an example closer to home, the use of social media in your last presidential campaign (2011) in Ireland proved to play an important and controversial role, which had a devastating effect on Mr. Sean Gallagher presidential run. In short, an incorrect unverified tweet was publically announced on live primetime television, which raised questions regarding corruption and party donations.(The, 2012,, RTE admitted fault and issued apologies, however, the election was well over at that point. The point I am trying to express in that without clear guidelines and policing by social business companies and public and private social media verification, the negative affects can be clearly seen.

Issue surrounding negative social business implications on individuals and organizations, can be seen in the following example. The popular “rate my…..” sites, which allow users to discuss and rate their own views and experiences they may or may not of had, on topics or individuals ; including teachers, hospitals, internet service providers and until recently solicitors. The solicitor case is an interesting example, A Sligo-based solicitor brought defamation proceedings to the High Court arising out of comments on the website. The court ruled in favor on the solicitor and effectively closed the site down.(,2012,

I feel the true affects of social business and social media both in a political and individual case for private enterprise have yet to been seen. However, what one could argue is the increase in size of the “grey area” which deals which, media responsibility for providing correct information from reliable sources, and the un-policed licensed to say what you want about who you want cannot continue. Perhaps the legal precedent set in the High court is a stepping stone for more social business and social media companies’ closers and or criminal prosecution to individuals incorrectly harming organisation or individual’s reputations. What do ye think, freedom of speech gone to far, or nanny state trying increase control?


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