Challenges A CIO Will Face in 2020

2 Nov

In blogs previous to this it is clear to see that the role of the CIO has changed dramatically in the last few years, but what does the future CIO look like? In the last few years they have had to deal with cloud computing and taking other responsibilities. So in this blog I’m going to detail according to John Brandon what challenges a CIO faces in eight years’ time.

  1. Future of Microsoft – While many companies have been to loyal to Microsoft by using their Windows server.  However Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta, claims the rise of Android and iOS will “put a dent in Microsoft’s dominance” and that by 2020, employees, partners and customers “will demand – and expect – access to apps from more than one heterogeneous device”. If the CIO doesn’t plan for this McKinnon claims we could see very serious security breaches by 2020.
  2. IT department in the cloud – Already there has been a huge shift by companies moving to the cloud, but by 2020 Brandon says “IT itself will move to the cloud”. While Bob Janssen claims we don’t know where IT is operating from. Collaboration between team members will also take place in the cloud behind a firewall. McKinnon says by 2020, CIOs will have to take on the role of strategic business leader and deal with issues such as “moving information behind the firewall in terms of security”
  3. Personal – With computing becoming more autonomous, with less human interact for a system to run smoothly, the role of the CIO will move away from one that is managing a large number of employees. Bob Janssen, CTO of Res Software claims that end-users won’t be in groups and that this will be one of the more critical changes by 2020 a CIO will have to deal with, as being in a group is a way to collaborate and strategise. However IT will be the service provider for this and that according to Janssen “Facebook-like enterprise networks will serve as a far more effective means of collaborating amoung teams”, as we will be more acquainted with friends rather than co-workers using this hyper-connected social platform.
  4. Outsourcing will use AI – Greg Pierce a cloud strategy officer at Tribridge uses the example of a call centre to explain this point. Today in a call centre, reps are employed to answer the phone, however by 2020 there will be speech recognition systems that will be able to answer the phone and provide tech support to the caller. This will be a challenge to CIOs as they “will have to manage this legion of “bots” and the decision trees for support.”
  5. CIO will impact on business direction – At the moment CIOs contribute to the direction of the company, but by 2020 they will be moving away from an advisory role to a role focused on direct innovation and become “the main thought leader” Brandon states.
  6. Analytics will be increasingly important – As a way to predict future technology trends, Oliver Bussman, CIO at SAP says “In many cases this will mean leveraging in-memory computing and analytics to react to and capitalize on trends in real-time. Running massive internal infrastructures will no longer be a priority as almost everything runs in the cloud; however, data security will be of paramount importance and there will potentially be integration challenges.”

2 Responses to “Challenges A CIO Will Face in 2020”

  1. ismisetusa November 19, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    In his last blog anon101 stated that communication was a key characteristic of CIOs nowadays and posed the question, should CIOs be managers first and IT specialists second? Do you see a shift in outlook in this area for CIOs in 2020

  2. andrewfitz22 November 20, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    I think that the CIO will need to increase their management and communication skills as they will be managing more people in eight years time. However I don’t think the position will be ‘manage first, IT second’, For example you wouldn’t want a CFO to be focusing less on the financial side of the business over the next eight years. CIO’s just need to improve their skill sets, for eg. in a recent blog ( I highlighted that 37% of CIO’s surveyed said they needed to improve their communication.

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