What does today’s CIO look like?

6 Nov

What does today’s CIO look like?

So what are the characteristics of today’s CIO? In this blog I hope to answer that by using a report published by Ernst & Young, entitled “The DNA of the CIO” which you can read for yourself (http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/DNA_of_the_CIO/$FILE/DNA_of_the_CIO.pdf). For the report Ernst & Young interviewed 301 CIO’s and put together the report using their responses and the report was published in September 2012.

On average today’s CIO is a 43 year old male who has held the position for five years. With them being five years into their role, it would mean they have two years left in the role as “seven years is considered to appropriate tenure”, however the other managers in the business would have the same role for eight years.

The image below gives a breakdown of the educational background of the CIO’s interviewed by Ernst & Young. Nearly half (49%) of CIO’s have a degree in IT, while over half of those have a master’s degree in IT with relatively few (10%) hold a MBA.

For most CIOs they have spent the majority of their career in the IT function only and have only a one in five chance of ever having a seat at the top management table in their organisation. The report found that only 17% of respondents were board members.

One issue CIO’s think they need to improve is their communication and leadership skills. 37% of the respondents said that they needed to improve their communication skills.

In a recent blog (Evolving  Role of the CIO – https://sopinion8ed.wordpress.com/2012/10/26/evolving-role-of-the-cio/) I mentioned that in recent times the abbreviation CIO could stand for more thanfrom Chief Information Officer, for example Chief Infrastructure Officer among others, however the report by Ernst & Young shows that the job title of just under half (49%) of respondents was ‘Chief Information Officer, showing that many companies have stuck with the traditional title.

Of all the respondents, the most popular nationality was German (15%) with Chinese second (13%) A more detailed breakdown of the nationalities is below.



One Response to “What does today’s CIO look like?”

  1. ncooney1 November 20, 2012 at 11:00 pm #

    I found this blog really interesting. I think it was a very different angle taken on the topic and I was interested to see what the average CIO looks like nowadays and what their background was. The results surprised me as I would have thought that more of them would have had a Masters degree in some sort of area of IT, but in fact over 50% of them did not have a Masters at all. The diagrams gave a concise and thorough evaluation of the question.

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