We are Generation “C”

7 Nov

Yes we can talk about what IT trends are at the top of the  CIOs agenda list for 2013, trends like Big Data, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobile technology as mentioned by previous bloggers. But lets not exclude how IT trends surfaced into the emerging markets in the first place. It may simply be due to people’s way of adopting too new technology on a global scale and hence leading to an IT trend by which a new technology niche is introduced. A prime example by which people have adopted to the ongoing advance of the digital world is the concept of “Digitization”. Booze & Company predict by 2020 there will be a  rise to a new generation of people, what is known as generation “C” (Connected). This generation have grown up and are familiar with the digital world. When I say digital world, I’m talking about generation C’s familiarity with mobile communications, technology, social networking. With generation C’s reliance in mobile communication and their desire to  remain in contact with large networks of friends and business contacts this will transform how we work and how we consume. Booze & Co. outline the three main contributors to the Digitization phenomenon:

  1.  Consumer Pull:  This relates to the generation C consumers who are fully adapted to the digital environment.  Expect to be always connected and willing to share personal data.  
  2. Technology Push: Technology advances in backbone infrastructure have provided affordable broadband to millions of users. Increases the mass of people using the internet, making more consumers being connected. Does who were not able to have access to the internet are now being able to do so due to affordable broadband. In parallel low cost devices such as smart phones and tabs being deployed into industry with addition of the cloud is quickly advancing. 
  3. Economic Benefits: Vast amounts of capital have poured into the digitization market with a high demand for digitization technologies.

Video on the Digitization Megatrend

Due to the “Digitization revolution”, generation C have now become more familiar with technology having greater access in particular to mobile devices which has allowed them to connect to the world. With a highly connected generation using more and more mobile devices, businesses and technical consultancy firms alike have come up with a trend as mentioned before called “Mobile Enterprise”. Taking advantage of so many people now having a mobile device (Smartphones,tabs) be it for personal use on the consumer front or for work on the business front, can open up so many doors of possibilities for the modern organisation. On the consumer front the use of mobile devices  can allow companies to interact with their potential customers, whereas in-house on the business front, tabs can be used on a BYOD basis for on-the-go collaboration between the workforce. Although issues still remain with using BYOD tabs and smartphones within organisations today due to security as referred to in depth by both corcoranchris and timh88, BYOD initiatives are  starting to be implemented as new developments in security for mobile enterprise technology evolves.



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