Monitoring IS/IT Investments

10 Nov

From my readings i came across these approaches Balanced scorecard and IT Dashboards for monitoring IS/IT investments. Sully1210 has already written about balanced scorecard so i will only write on IT dashboards.

An old adage says: “If  you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Deciding on appropriate measures is half of the equation for effective MIS organizations. The other half of the equation is ensuring that those measures are accurately communicated to the business. Two methods for commmunicating these metrics are the scorecards and dashboards.

IT dashboard provides a snapshot of metrics at any given point in time. The IT dashboard summaries key metrics for senior managers in a manner that provides quick identification of the status of the organisation. Dashboards provide frequently updated information on areas of interest within the IT department. Depending on who is  actually using the dashboard, the data tend to focus on project status or operational systems status.

Organisations design their dashboards to provide red, yellow or green highlights for rapid comprehension and when managers look at the dashboard, they can immediately tell whether projects are on schedule based on the amount of green, yellow or red on the dashboard.

The dashboard provides an early warning system that allows IT managers to identify and correct problems before they become big enough to derail a project. Dashboards are useful for projects,but have additional applications within the IT department. A number of organisations also use a similar dashboard to track operations to measure network performance, system availability, help desk satisfaction, and a number of other key performance data.

Dashboards are built on the information contained in the other applications, databases, and analytical systems of the organisation.

(Pearlson and Saunders, 2009).



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