Why are Information Systems so important to the success of organisations?

10 Nov

Thanks to you guys in my team for making great contributions so far regarding the meaning of Information Systems, and its importance to the success of organisations. Every contributor in both “intra and extra-blogging” groups (within and outside our blogging group), has made, among the series published so far, one vital point or another. However, there is still a “Gap” which I find very necessary to incorporate or bring into focus.

In a certain tribe in an African enclave (an ethnic community, if you like), if a hunter returns home successively from hunting without any wild, he will be asked by his kinsmen, to consult with the “oracle priest” for explanation on how best he could correct the anomalies. In that vein, I went and consulted with the Google to explain to me, what I was doing wrong in my blogging. I now came to the conclusion that in blogging, the most viable instrument to draw the attention and win the heart of your audience is “Creativity”, the ability to come up with new ideas, it could be abstract or pragmatic in nature. You can equally apply info-graphics, graphs, charts, analysis, interviews, and videos. Mix long and short posts, and remember to keep your audience informed, educated, and supplied with ample content. http://www.business2community.com/blogging/the-importance-of-blogging-for-your-small-business-0282539

The gap I identified in the entire blogging series, is the greater focus and attention paid to academic and professional journals, as well as popular authors. As a result, I have decided to digress a little bit and take you to a new direction, and thereby draw people’s attention to the reality on ground. We must not shy away from the fact that what we are talking about is social media and networks, and how they impact on firms, organisations, and individuals alike.

The crocks of the matter here is; why are information systems so important in the success of organisations?

To answer this question, I would like to use the recently concluded US presidential election process and, “the role of social media and networks in the 2012 US presidential election” as a good example of success factors of information systems in organisations.

It is a common knowledge, that, both President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney extensively used the internet, facebook, twitter, and blog in reaching out to the American people, for not only their votes, but for the fund raising campaigns as well.

According to a research carried out by “Pew research”, 22% of Americans stated obviously who they will be voting for in this year’s election, via Twitter and Facebook. Also, 30% of the voters used social media platforms to encourage their friends and family to cast their vote on 6th November. Many of the voters casted their votes through Twitter and Facebook platforms. http://www.france24.com/en/20121107-2012-11-07-1319-wb-en-webnews

Let’s take a look on the graph below which shows the demographic representations of how voters made use of the social media during the 2012 US presidential election campaign.


The Process of the election was a clear evidence of information systems at work. Through the voter’s database, all votes cast were analysed and directly communicated to the various media organisations, such as CNN, BBC, etc. The media organisations in turn broadcast the results to the public immediately.

What this means is that, the election results does not need to be transported on road, rail, or by air, and no delays or time wasting. The success achieved was high security guarantee, huge cost saving, accuracy of information guaranteed, etc.

The above processes involved in this highly contested election and the follow up results portray the benefits and successes information systems can bring to organisations.

Before we go to the next stage, feel free to give your comments on the above.


2 Responses to “Why are Information Systems so important to the success of organisations?”

  1. agblogail November 12, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    Nice post, very topical. While many people were encouraged to vote by friends and family, or may have encouraged others to vote, do you think that social media had a significant impact on voter turnout or a significant impact on who won the election?

  2. thestrategicblogger November 19, 2012 at 1:23 am #

    An interesting slant to the relevance of I.S. outside the business sphere. The benefits seem to significantly outweigh any drawbacks but wouldn t outsourcing the voting process to a private enterprise in the shape of social media leave it open to tampering?

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