Why Trends seem to occur in information systems

15 Nov

Information systems is defined by (www.bussinessdictionary.com) as  “A combination of hardware , software , infrastructure and trained personnel organised to facilitate planning , control coordination and decision making in an organisation”

Information systems development has always been at the centre  of  information systems discipline, this  has been a clear point since the start of Technology itself, information systems have to deal and adapt to the ever changing social and business environments . (http://www.ecis2008.ie/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=15&Itemid=102)

Information systems development over the years has seen deep changes, this mostly because  of the nature of the constraints and the requirements that are forever been placed on the back of the success of early systems , also user needs have changed drastically over the years and will always continue to change ,so information systems have to keep continuing to update and change to keep upto date with these, i will go into more detail on some of these updates and changes  information systems have gone through to stay current in later blogs.

But with the relationships between information systems and innovation creating value, it is a major factor companies have to take into consideration in the management of there information systems,there is no point in a company spending millions on updating or creating a new information system unless it creates some kind of extra value that the old one didnt, so information system development is all about creating some kind of extra value.

The web was a major development that propelled the use of data forward but this has been changing for years and is likely to keep changing and developing for many years to come, the massive data and increasing volumes of data needs, organized storing and fast and effective processing for many different purposes from decision making to risk management, from transaction processing to state-the art products has lead to the current trends and more important to th continued growth of this sector. (http://ezinearticles.com/?Information-System-and-its-Trends&id=199615)

As you can see from alot of the blogs already posted on the topic of “trends of information systems” my points above have been well illisurated, but i just wanted to give a little insight into why the need for these trends have come about .


One Response to “Why Trends seem to occur in information systems”

  1. ismisetusa November 15, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Do you think that due to the reasons above may also explain the fascination with some IS ‘fads’ as their called where the advancement of some trends simply come and go with the times, yet due to the importance of IS in a company the systems must evolve to prevent being faded out for newer more popular ‘fads’.

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