Data Storage: Top Trends part 2

20 Nov

Following on from my previous post on data storage another trend has come to mind, that is ‘Data Curation’. At this moment in time the world can preserve all most every piece of our digital universe. The next step on from data preservation is data curation, i.e. “the on going management of data through it’s lifecycle” according to IBM officials. (

Management of data will surely add value allowing organisations to access new opportunities and improving information sharing. IBM gave the examples of social media giants Facebook and Google+ as examples of the power of curated data according to The social media companies compile digital lives of account holders and then provide the forum for the user to sort out their own personal content.

However there is certainly a serious amount of effort involved in selecting, analysing and organising the data. If the data can be stored in a way that provides context, companies can find new and useful ways to use the data.

Data Storage Analytics is similarly a current trend in information systems. “It will help turn curated data into intelligence and knowledge”  and “ana;ytics on stored data allows organisations gain insight”.(

IBM give Watson technology for health care as an example. ” Watson collects data from many sources and can analyze the meaning and context. By processing vast amounts of information and using analytics, it can suggest options targeted to a patient’s circumstances, including giving doctors and nurses the most likely diagnosis and treatment options”.


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