Social media and its considerations for social business in 2013.

20 Nov

Hello Bloggers,

Today I’m going to blog about social media considerations for social business in 2013.  Businesses should take note of  these considerations  for 2013.

Considerations – 

People, Its looks like branded entertainment will eventually take over the annoying everyday disruptive advertising we see on the likes of youtube, facebook, and Interactive Iplayers such RTE Iplayer or Channel 4 iplayer. This altho is slowly being replaced by brand effective advertising which will serve as an entertainment platform for example, Dubais telco du TV show The Entrepreneur. Disruptive advertising can be effective but when it comes to the internet embedding into the users search for specific information. The video below gives an insight into the future of brand entertainment.

Googles monopoly on the content producing market is there for the world to see and it’s free of charge. Other content producers just can’t compete with Google’s current model. But this model is set to change. A move from the free of charge model to a paid model in content categories will be a trend come the New Year will bring a charge for this content pretty soon.

Its seems that video in 2013 will be as important as websites in 2012 for businesses. Website support is vital for a successful business. But video will be a key indicator for your business in 2013. Opportunity is huge at the moment for e-commerce sites to make money on implemeting social avenues to spark off increased purchasing.

Building customer relationships before using social channels to build follower numbers is important if you want to avoid risk. Build a relationship with you customers or your money will be in danger. Social sharing between social channels will break loose in the next year going into 2013.


2 Responses to “Social media and its considerations for social business in 2013.”

  1. thestrategicblogger November 26, 2012 at 5:22 pm # events such as this show how social media industry is organising itself to not only increase profits but redefine its corporate social responsibility

    • irishtechylad November 28, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

      Great idea having social media days as its creating more and more awareness of how closely connected we are due to the media being revolutionised via the many social media platforms that are in existence today. I think that the old corporate paradigms and their resistance to change is slowly evolving into a social media paradigm as its increasing profitability a large scale for corporations who are implementing social media tools around the world. Thanks@ thestrategicblogger for that Video link, as I will be looking into see if there will be any social media day in the near future happening closer to home.

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