The challenges and opportunities of Social Media in Business.

21 Nov

In Collaborative projects you get people who interact with each other and create content. They can add, edit using familiar formatting tools, remove content on a specific area, genre whatever where it can be rated and bookmarked maybe for people that will use it or just go back and read at some stage after bookmarking. The joint effort of many users collaborating together has a much better outcome rather than a single person trying to create content about a subject on their own. Here giving and getting feedback from others is possible as well as comparing different revisions.

There can be challenges with this where files created online may need certain software to viewed offline. Content can get lost and other random authors may make unwanted changes to the work you’ve already created.

Blogs became the very first form of social media that can either be in a diary form or can be a summary of a given subject or category for example the blog im currently partaking in now. Blogs are usually individually managed but can be a collaborative effort with others also. I feel that for example a CIO  of a company should maybe engage in blogging, via a personal blog, to improve  the transparencys of certain developments withing the organisation.

Here is a list of certain challeges that come to mind when blogging.

  1. What do I blog about?
  2. How often do I blog?
  3. How do I generate traffic for my blog?
  4. Should I use search Optimization?
  5. Do I monetize my blog?

Which do you feel is the most important of this list and why?

Content communities are great for sharing media content between people that use the given platform. Examples of certain platforms are youtube, flicker, and slideshare. My favorite here would have to be youtube. But when using one of these platforms in conjunction with we’ll say a company you work for for example it can be dangerous as secret company information can be leaked to fellow competitors. But in this example which is quite a shocking story takes place in a McDonalds fast food outlet, resulting in an employee bringing the company into disrepute via youtube. I will post the link with the story below for you to read. – McDonalds Scandal.,+Blogs,+and+Collaborative+Websites.pdf


4 Responses to “The challenges and opportunities of Social Media in Business.”

  1. gashe2k12 November 26, 2012 at 4:45 pm #

    I think it is vital for companies to exploit social media and as you say “Several companies are already using social networking sites”. Social media is a powerful tool and can often lead to huge increases in market share. I find it quite ironic how so much more emphasis is continually being placed on using social media by firms, yet in many work places, facebook and youtube, for example, are blocked on the systems. Do you think it is time for a move away from this whole strict regime to a modern way of allowing workers more freedom?

    • irishtechylad November 28, 2012 at 11:32 pm #

      Hi gashe2k12. I agree it is vital to exploit social media for companies to increase market share or increase productivity. I wouldnt see using facebook and youtube as granting employees more freedom as I think that both of those platforms are destractions. I think maybe using facebook like tools such as ‘doximity’ which is one that healthcare professional use which nurtures a close-knit circle of doctors and specialists who can confer with eachother and share records on a daily basis. All this can be done quicky via the iphone.

      Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says’ ”if you take social computing and apply it to business you get more empowerment of individuals, you get more transparency, and you get better alignment of your business processes.” Social media tools in this day and age are very important for promoting business.

  2. tingting457 November 26, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    I think the biggest challenge of Social Media is privacy. You need to learn that users won’t tolerate any privacy violations. If you don’t get the privacy aspects right, you are bound to suffer. Further, privacy is deeply coupled with security. Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl and business owners are often the targets for sophisticated social media attacks.

    • irishtechylad November 28, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

      Hi again tingting457. I agree, Cyber criminals Julian Assange style are a daily threat to many forms of social media. If employees are using for example mobile devices either their own or devices giving to them by their employer will download certain mobile applications to use. In March 2011, Google removed from its Android Market more than 60 applications carrying malicious software. Some of the malware was designed to reveal the user’s private information to a third party, copy itself on other devices, destroy user data or even impersonate the device owner. So yes this is currently a serious issue. Have you or anyone else have any suggestions as to how this can be counteracted?

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