Assessing the impact of the Chief Information Officer

23 Nov

In this blog I hope to assess the role of the chief information officers on any company which they are employed by. I well do this by discussing their managerial qualities. How they handle the responsibility of being a chief information officer and the activities which they are involved in and how they handle these activities.

From the research I have carried out there appears to be a lot of CIO’s that have excelled in the companies in which they work in if they are given free rein to carry out their ideas. However there are also certain CIO’s that have not excelled at all in their managerial positions. I put this down to the companies in which they work for. If the companies appear to be holding back their CIO’S from expressing their actual ideas then the CIO will not excel in the position at the companies. To be a CIO I believe you have to be confident and thick skinned. If these people are held back then they undoubtedly feel hard done by and not try as hard as they could in their position.

If a person gets to the position of CIO they are taking going quiet a lot of responsibilities. The person must be able to be a good leader, be able to make good managerial decisions that will move the companies forward. A CIO must also be confident in their ability and also be confident in the ability of those around them. The CIO will also be involved in many team leading projects which they will have to guide to people who are working on the projects. A good CIO must also be able to pass their confidence and expertise to those who are working closest too them.  Sculpt the people into becoming better business people in order to improve their business qualities and that of the company.

If they are able to do this then the impact of the CIO on the company they are employed by will be a positive one. Through giving the CIO free rein then it can only help the company move forward in the right direction.


One Response to “Assessing the impact of the Chief Information Officer”

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