Strategic Alignment: Why even bother??

24 Nov

When choosing whether or not you should introduce Strategic Alignment into your business, you must do your research on the possible outcomes it may bring to your company. It has to be discussed if it is worth implementing the strategies between IT and Business and to consider the benefits it can bring. Blogger ‘d112221671’;

highlighted some interesting views on the disadvantages of strategic alignment in their last blog, which may be good in bear in mind when analysing whether or not to align strategies. Blogger “pm1083’ has also highlighted some good points when they suggest that ‘IT on its own, no matter how revolutionary or state of the art it is. Is not enough to achieve a sustained competitive advantage”. The following is a very useful YouTube clip where Patrick E Slesiner, Director and CIO for Wallem Services Ltd, shares his views on the benefits of IT and Business Alignment.

In this clip Patrick speaks about how important it is for a business strategy to align itself with IT but only if the business can utilize that IT to its advantage. He uses a good analogy of  how you can’t have the tail wagging the dog or the dog wagging the tail, it must be parallel in order to succeed.

This article called ‘Factors influencing IT-Business Strategic Alignment and Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach’

highlights how Strategic Alignment has been around since the 1980’s and how it has managed to help businesses realise what benefits they could gain from IT investments; as I previously discussed in my blog:

They also mention how Strategic Alignment “enhances business performance through aligning the organisational and technological infrastructures”.  Any business tool which has the ability to enhance business performance is a critical element to a business as I previously covered in ‘The What and The Why of Strategic Alignment’

If something can be described as critical then surely it is worth implementing and the benefits your company will reap from it will only help in your company’s overall goal of succeeding.

Some of the benefits you can expect when strategic alignment is in place are as follows:

  • Support from key executives to participate in developing the IT Strategy.
  • An understanding of how emerging technologies, applications and trends can or will impact your enterprise and your IT organization.
  • Clear expectations of how IT will contribute to reaching the company’s business goals and objectives.
  • A defined articulation of IT’s role in, and value to, the enterprise for the strategic horizon.

(Taken directly from source: )

The above points made, show some benefits a business can expect to see and enforce the idea of Strategic Alignment being the ‘fit’ of how organisations can combine their Information Technology and Business Strategy to increase their business performance, a point made in my first blog;

If you have thoughts on Strategic Alignment please feel free to comment? Do you think it is worth combining Business and I.T. Strategies??


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