Companies may refuse “Social Business” but follow “Newton’s first law of Motion”.

25 Nov

Following an important question by blackbird333, it says – as many businesses might find adopting this concept of Social Business complex, do you think that this would make fewer companies adopt Social Business as the change from a business to a Social Business is a complex process? The answer is “NO”.

Companies which refuse social business may follow “Newton’s first law of Motion”.

More and more companies will continue to adopt social business to their own advantages because they have to.  Firms which refuse to adopt social business due to various internal and external factors causing them some “inertia” will obey Newton’s first law of motion which states that, “every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless impressed force acts on it.”

I think therefore, that some companies may continue to move forward until they are stopped by the socio-economic changes imposed by the environmental changes due to social business. In this case, a firm’s inability or refusal to adopt social business carries dare consequences because of the environmental transformation.  Therefore Firms must respond strategically if they want to continue business or render value to their stakeholders.

Remember some dreadful consequences which occurred in the sad death of the printed “Encyclopedia Britannica” during the emergence of the personal computers and the Internet (  This circumstance is also a reminder of the death of the Dinosaurs. The king of animals, the Dinosaur went extinct because of environmental transformation, perhaps, the geological changes in the Cretaceous era of the earth (  In my opinion adopting social business may be a “swim or sink” scenario.  Although firms continue to experience inertia and exercise caution in their method of adoption, many are willing and are already adopting social business.



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