Information Systems and Technology Trends Occurring in the Workplace

25 Nov

The world of work is changing due to the progression of technologies in business. In today’s world businesses must factor in many of the new technological procedures, processes, policies, hardware, and software into their workplace to remain competitive. The impact from such technological advances on how work is done influences the workforce in a different way today than what has been seen over the past two or three decades. One of the biggest impacts has been on the workers themselves, and the challenge of training and preparing to remain afloat in today’s workforce is tremendous. This challenge, which is facing the workers of today, is something educators cannot afford to ignore. Technology has created a revolution in today’s educational environment, and this change in education makes teaching more rewarding and much more challenging (Bryant, 2001).

The field of information systems is constantly changing, and such changes are influencing the way workers think, the processes and procedures used to accomplish work, and the tools used to accomplish goals needed to be competitive and succeed in the workforce. In today’s work environment “trends such as the globalization of the economy and the evolution of e-commerce are changing the very nature of work” and “success in the workplace of tomorrow belongs to those who can find, understand, process, and integrate information to solve a variety of problems” (Glenn, 2001, p. 10).

The changes which impact the workforce also create a massive challenge for educators. The need to keep up to speed with the current trends is not so sipmle, as businesses are looking for more qualified employees to be able to handle an increasingly complex business environment. Such fast technological changes means that there is always a need for individuals with the newest skills, and the competition for information technologists has never been so great (Lewis, 2001). It is vital that as information technologies continue to evolve and change that educators can identify trends, technologies, policies, and procedures used in business and industry. Because educators must look to provide curricula that will enable students to obtain a grasp on today’s work environment so the students can be competitive in the workforce.

“Trends and systems found in today’s business environment include the use of outsourcing, re-engineering, management information systems, transaction processing systems, relational database management systems, and non-relational database management systems. Policies that have been developed in business and industry address areas that are a direct result of the technological advances found in today’s workforce. Some of these policies cover access to electronic information, use of the Internet, security of electronic information, and ownership of email. The use of the Internet is found in almost all business settings, and most businesses use an Intranet. Email is a widely used medium for communication for today’s workers. Many employers feel that email used in the workforce is private for those individuals who use this medium. However, some employers feel the use of email within their business means that information is available to anyone in the business. The type of company impacts the use of both working copies and backup copies of records as well as the use of film as a storage medium for working documents and backup documents”.


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