Electronics Industry : Present and future trends

26 Nov

Here I have outlined some interesting exerts from an article on www.ibm.com

We all know the and see how the electronics industry is changing the world. “Transistor by transistor, the electronics industry is literally changing the world. Consider the following: today’s fastest computers can now achieve 10 quadrillion operations a second by 2015 there will be more than seven billion mobile devices in the world, both consuming and generating massive amounts of data, and right now there are more than one billion transistors for each person on the planet.” (www.ibm.com)

The elecronics industry currently outspends all other industries in research and development. (www.booz.com) Organisations are finding out that to keep ahead of competitors is becoming increasingly difficult and as a result the lifecycle of products is becoming shorter and shorter. The industry is seeing profit margins decrease, with the exception of the network equipment and medical devices, and efforts to contain costs in order to stay ahead of  competition or even to catch up with  competition is certainly a trend. This has driven electronic companies to reevaluate their product and service offerings and has lead to such companies changing their business models. Many of these organisations see that “perhaps the only way to do that — is to transform their business models by getting ever closer to their customers.” (www.ibm.com) A recent IBM study showed that over 94% of CEO see customer intimacy as being the number one priority over the next five years. CEOs have realised that innovations are only successful when they meet and deliver on customers needs.

IBM believe that “the best route to this customer intimacy is through the data that the electronics devices and equipment create and collect.” Their are billions of people conected to over a trillion devices and this data has only begun to be tapped into.

“Now is the time for electronics companies to convert data into insights, and to create the new products and services that will continue to change the world.” (www.ibm.com)






One Response to “Electronics Industry : Present and future trends”

  1. aplusk22 November 26, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    Not surprised to see such a high percentage in terms of ‘Customer Intimacy’ being a priority among CEOs. In a lot of cases, organisations are trying to restore their reputation in the aftermath of the mistakes and greed that led to the financial crisis. Keeping track of your customer’s preferences and habits is critically important to the development and maintenance of a close, long-term relationship with that customer.

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