What is the value of Social Business?

26 Nov

The rapidly developing of social networking clears the boundaries existing between individuals in the past. The relationships with others have become more and more important. People use the information to solve their problems. To companies, it is a new opportunity to encourage employees, customers and partners to engage the company and establish trusted relationships. And it is effective to utilize social software to drive growth, improve client satisfaction and empower employees. To individuals, social networking has become a useful tool in their personal lives.


The value of social business includes the following:


  •         A social business improves the way people work. The employees can get the right expertise and information related to their work from the Internet. People in a social business can be more effective and achieve greater business value.
  •     A social business rethinks business processes. The value of human interaction in processes is rising today, more social business processes are required naturally.
  •         A social business engages people more meaningfully. Without barriers existing in employees, customers and partners, companies can take advantage of collective intelligence, advocacy and talent to improve their business.
  •         A social business accelerates value by deploying technology designed to reach people were they are and to integrate rapidly with systems in place today and those that may be deployed in the future.
  • Resource from:
    IBM Corporation Software Group (2012), The Social Business, America




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