How do we measure strategic alignment?

28 Nov

In the past few weeks I have studied and read as much material as I could find on Strategic Alignment. I examined different models drawn up by industry experts and academics and read papers on how best to fit strategy and IT together. While examining models I would often try to think of real world examples where the model could be applied. Is achieving strategic alignment as simple as an Accounting firm updating their software to a new program that allows them to work through clients accounts more efficiently and accurately. If IT allows them to complete their most basic business function more easily then surely we could say that their strategy and IT are aligned successfully.

How do we even know when strategic alignment has been achieved? A model I have used in a previous blog suggested the strategic alignment pyramid as a tool in achieving strategic alignment.

Within this model they suggested the use of key performance indicators to measure the success of any new business process. The next question is how do you know it is a lack of alignment which is causing under-performance? Could the strategy itself be flawed and doomed to fail regardless of how you utilise IT? By asking these questions I think it highlights the difficulties that exist within strategic alignment and more specifically in its measurement.

This is only a short blog in which I wanted to raise the question of measuring strategic alignment. I did a quick search before posting and haven’t seen any blogs asking this question.

Does anyone else see the point I’m trying to make here? Any thoughts to add?


One Response to “How do we measure strategic alignment?”

  1. Ben Lamorte December 17, 2013 at 5:26 am #

    Excellent post. I am trying to develop metrics to measure strategic alignment as we speak. I tend to be a fan of the OKR model.

    I think how we measure alignment may depend on the goal model we use. Please check out the LinkedIn group called “Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)”

    Have you made any progress on defining a metric for strategic alignment since this post came out about a year ago?

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