Process reengineering working with trends in information systems

28 Nov

Following a decisive blog by on off shoring IT systems as a current trend in IT, I will discuss both the pros and cons of off shoring, or indeed any outsourcing of functions,systems and departments when undo going process reengineering. A backward view is often held by the western world toward off shoring with the believe that the tenders now in charge of a companies are not up to the same complexity as western firms. However, as referenced by cliftonmoore

“ In summary, it would seem that India holds an advantage in that it is already established, and prevails in terms of language and business process facilities, and knowledge process outsourcing. In addition, India has much stronger cultural affinity with the West, a British-based legal system etc. China, on the other hand has lower labour costs and so far, low inflation. Buyers see access to the local market and co-location with manufacturing facilities as important reasons for outsourcing to China.”

For companies undergoing process reengineering it is paramount that the firms not only understand their pun business inside and out, yet also be aware of the options available to them both in home ground and abroad and to erase all previously styrtopical views from their mind (, “An Integrated Framework for Business Process Re-engineering, Tont Gabriela.

Offsourcing/outsourcing will always be a risk to companies if the processes are not fully understood, yet it may be possible for companies undergoing BPM Orr reengineering to outsource more stable and secure units of the companies to tenders, or is this too much of a reliance on third parties when companies are in a vulnerable state???


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