Information Systems: To Recap

30 Nov

As a final blog, I would like to give a brief and swift thanks to all involved in the thread entitled ‘What is an Information System?’ I have encountered a wealth of knowledge and have spent a considerable amount of time appreciating the works of both my own team and the opposing team. I suppose I’d like to summarise the points which became known to me throughout the course of the 6 weeks.

Here’s a brief list of the points I took from the blogs:

  • Information Systems involve People, Process, and Technology
  • Information Systems are different from Information Technology
  • Information Systems have been in existence longer than I had originally believed
  • They have the capability to allow a company to gain a competitive advantage
  • I.S needs to be implemented and utilised properly and efficiently, otherwise they can fail magnificently.
  • I.S is important to benchmark against other companies but also to provide a figure of merit.
  • Business Models need the use of I.S to provide a workable template.
  • Information Systems are essential to the business world of today.


Thanks for listening.



2 Responses to “Information Systems: To Recap”

  1. irishtechylad November 30, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    I enjoyed reading and analysing you your teams take on informations systems. Very informative indeed.


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