IS Business Case

15 Jan

IT is continuously evolving at break neck speeds and it is vital that organisations invest in IT in order to keep one step ahead of their competitors in the technology age. In order to convince an organisation to allocate funding to IT investment it is imperative that a persuasive business case is put together.

According to a business case is a “type of decision-making tool used to the determine the effects a particular business decision will have on profitability” Quite simply, a business case is a communication tool scripted in easy to understand language without the use of overly technical jargon with the goal of allowing the decision maker or sponsor to make a well-informed investment decision.

Below is a link to an article from the Irish Independent which outlines how Irish firms are still overly cautious when it comes to investing in IT. The article states that Irish firms “remain cautious and risk averse on spending” and “returns needed to be strong in order to make a business case for investment. Therefore it is vital that before the  business case is presented, the proposer needs to convince management that a need exists. This can be done by presenting existing problems within the organisation and explaining how IT investment can solve these issues.


According to VAL IT, the above diagram represents the four main questions that need to be answered by the business case. These questions can help to relate the proposed investment to existing company goals by aligning IT investment with the strategic outlook of the firm. The diagram examines the need to quantify the benefits of the proposed investment and how these benefits will affect all the stakeholders involved.

The above is merely a snapshot of the business case, and it will be examined in greater detail by the forthcoming posts relating to the topic of IS Business Case



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