What Is Business Continuity

26 Jan

Business Continuity is planning to do work that is very important to a company, without regular resources available in the event of a disruption to day to day running of a company. “A disruption can be:

  • Widespread (major earthquake, pandemic illness)
  • Localized (fire in a building) or
  • Personal (failure of a hard drive)”(1).

Once the employees of a company are safe following an incident, this is when a business continuity program is put in place. Enforcing a business continuity program will ensure that that business will be able to operate despite the occurrence of an issue be it as a small issue of a hard drive failure to a major natural disaster like an earthquake.

There are numerous subjects that a well prepared business continuity plan should enforce. For instance in the case of an issue employees should be shown an alternative way to communicate, where they should go and in what place they can continue to do their work. Once staffs are made aware of the business continuity plan suitable place for the business continuity plan should be researched. One example of this could be a mutual backup. This is where two organisations with similar system configuration agree to back up one another’s sites. For larger more private companies such as Facebook, Google and the American military this type of system is not an option. These types of firms would largely be in favor of mirroring their sites. The systems put in place in the mirrored site are identical to the mother site. Data from one site is transferred continually to another. Therefore in the case of an emergency no data will be lost. However mirroring a site is extremely expensive and only large multi national companies can afford to take part in this process

Information technology could play a huge role in a well-developed business continuity plan.  “For example, the plan at one global manufacturing company would restore critical mainframes with vital data at a backup site within four to six days of a disruptive event, obtain a mobile PBX unit with 3,000 telephones within two days, recover the company’s 1,000-plus LANs in order of business need, and set up a temporary call center for 100 agents at a nearby training facility”(2). This gives an example of a well-developed business continuity plan. As once safe, the employees know where to go and the resources available to them in order to carry on doing their jobs.

Business continuity is very important within a company as without a critical plan large amounts of valuable data may be lost in the case of an emergency.


1)      http://map.ais.ucla.edu/go/1004405

2)      http://www.csoonline.com/article/204450/business-continuity-and-disaster-recovery-planning-the-basics#1


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