A 3-D Model of IS Success

30 Jan

Ballentine et al. (1996) argue that the DeLone and McLean model presents a very narrow view of the scope and the impact of an information system, as well as neglecting certain factors which might impact upon the success of a system. They also highlight that the model is only as good as its source material; 180 research papers rather than first principles or intrinsic logic. The authors present a model which they argue is richer and more complete concerning the scope and impact of IS by separating success into three distinct dimensions: technical developments, deployment to the user, and delivery of business benefits. Success needs to be achieved in turn for each of these three stages for an IS system to be implemented successfully [1].

The model presented in the paper, however, appears to add little to the D&M model despite stating to fundamentally extend their work. Instead it disregards the six dimensions of IS success and provides a conceptual representation of three distinct levels involved in the success of a system. So, rather than developing the D&M model, the authors provide, according to Petter et al. (2008), some general recommendations concerning the model [2].

Ballantine et al. (1996)

Ballantine et al. (1996)

Importantly, however, the Ballantine paper highlights that external factors can affect success and that success can be viewed in terms of development, deployment, and delivery. These are possibly two elements which might need to be included in our model of IS success.

[1] Ballantine, J.; Bonner, M.; Levy, M.; Martin, A.; and Powell, P. (1996). The 3-D model of information systems success: the search for the dependent variable continues. Information Resources Management Journal, 9(4), 5–14.
[2] Petter, S.; DeLone, W.; and McLean, E. (2008). Measuring information systems success: models, dimensions, measures, and interrelationships. European Journal of Information Systems, 17, 236-263.


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