The IS – Impact Measurement Model

31 Jan

Gable, Sedera and Chan “re-conceptualizes the ‘information system success’ as a formative, multidimensional index” in their 2008 paper and put forward “the IS-impact measurement model”. It is their view that, once “widely accepted” the model could assist the progress of research “on the impacts of IS” and help companies track the progress of their “IS performance”.

What is most important about the IS – Impact Measurement Model and it’s authors, is their comprehensive validation study which they undertook along with producing their measurement model. The model, which consists of four dimensions is validated through the study which in turn “evidences the necessity, additivity and completeness of these four dimensions”.

The IS-Impact measurement model borrows constructs of Delone and Mcleans model that both Zonic90 and o4ac mentioned, but employs them in a different manner.

The model includes four dimensions and two halves. “Impacts are explicitly and intentionally measured at the same time as Quality  retrospectively, up to a point in time, and not mediated by Use. Though this ‘snapshot’ or cross-sectional approach is often criticized where the intent of research is to test causality (due to it not technically testing for temporality), with the IS-Impact model a ‘snapshot’ of the system is precisely what is sought”.

IS- Impact Measurement Model by Gable, Sedura and Chan

The authors also suggest that “the validated constructs and measures of the IS-Impact model can be used in combination as dimensions of a measurement model for the purpose of evaluating overall IS-Impact” Such a model and its constructs were according to the authors, “treated as formative”.

There are clearly many different frameworks available for any organisation to employ when trying to understand the true nature of the success of their IS project. Personally I feel, although difficult to get your head around at the outset, the IS- Impact Measurement Model to be the most helpful.


Gable, Guy G. and Sedera, Darshana and Chan, Taizan (2008) Re-conceptualizing
information system success : the IS-Impact Measurement Model. Journal of the
Association for Information Systems, 9(7). pp. 377-408.

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