Braa’s Framework on IS Quality and Design.

4 Feb

In this post I will mainly focus on the paper “Beyond Formal Quality in Information Systems Design” by Kristin Braa.

A framework developed by Braa is seen below. Within this framework it is split into two of an IS quality framework and an IS Design framework. The quality framework was proposed as a way to analyze IS in organizations and the IS design framework is used to understand, assess and design an IS.

Technical Quality, Use Quality and Organizational Quality are the three perspectives of the IS quality framework while Software Engineering, Software Use and Organizational Implementation are the three perspectives of the IS design framework. According to Braa being able to understand IS Quality is dependent on “being able to think of IS as a product in one way or another”[1]. This can make the idea of IS quality easier to understand and to be thought of in a manner similar to any other product. The quality of an IS is influenced and determined by the design while quality is experienced during the use of the system.

The frameworks presented by Braa are triangle to show the interdependencies of the three perspectives. The lines within the frameworks aim to show the aim of each individual perspective.

This IS quality framework was then used to develop the IS design framework. Each corner of the IS design framework is related to a corner in the IS quality framework for example software engineering and technical, software use and use quality and organizational implementation and organizational quality. As mentioned the three perspectives in the IS design framework are Software Engineering, Software Use and Organizational Implementation.

The framework has so far been presented as two separate frameworks. Braa joined these together to give a complete view of IS quality. Braa placed the IS design framework inside of the IS quality (product) framework. Braa did this in an attempt to show that the information system is a result of the design process. This was done to show how both the design process and the IS quality (product) frameworks should be used together. Braa, however, also argued that there should be a visible difference between the two frameworks so as to be able to tell the difference between the “differences in product concerns and design concerns, although these are closely interrelated”[2].

Braa also stated “Quality is about people; people communicate what they need and it is people design what other people need. Thus communication and understanding of quality is critical” [3]. I thought this was a very important consideration in this topic and reflected in a way how the user may determine the quality as mentioned in my last post but it may also be an area that I will explore further in this blog.


[1] [2] [3] Beyond Formal Quality in Information Systems Design by Kristin Braa available at


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