Rate of Emails Being Opened on Portable Devices Growing Rapidly

4 Feb

An interesting article published on ‘econsultancy.com’ [1] today revealed that “nearly half of all marketing emails are now being opened on mobile devices”. The article continues to reveal that the rate of emails opened on portable devices has grown by ‘300% since 2010 (and shows no sign of slowing)’. So what do these figures mean for organisations who communicate using emails?

In a similar article posted in March 2012 [2], we learn that most organisations do not have a strategy in place for optimizing email marketing for mobile devices. In fact it reveals that 48% of companies are unaware of the proportion of their emails that are opened on mobile devices.

Many of these organisations are constantly distributing emails to customers and clients attempting to promote their products or services. Therefore it is paramount that images, links to webpages, etc are displayed properly no matter what device is used to view the email.

The image below illustrates the method of how ‘buying decisions’ are made within an organisation:



As we can see from the above image, the business case is core to a buying decision. The buying decision we are addressing in this article is the idea of training staff to become competent at email design. This may include paying for instructors and new software.

According to the ‘Buyer Insights’ website, ‘before managers or departments can get ‘the green light’ for a major purchase they must answer in a compelling way the following questions:

  • Why fund this expenditure?
  • Why now?
  • Why support this project instead of another?’[3]

This is why business case is so important as it is able to answer all of these questions.

[1] http://econsultancy.com/ie/blog/62019-seven-tools-to-optimize-your-email-marketing-for-mobile

[2] http://econsultancy.com/ie/blog/9442-why-mobile-email-is-important-for-marketers

[3] http://buyer.sellerinsights.com/2010/11/09/what-is-the-business-case/


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