Business Continuity Outsourcing

5 Feb

Some firms choose to outsource certain aspects of their business. There are numerous companies who specialize in the outsourcing of business continuity. Their main aim is to ensure that the costumer is delivered with high quality results for the business continuity management plan in which is put in place. An example of one of these firms is BSI. BSI is a “business standards company that helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit”(1). The main aim of BSI is to show “businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth”(2). An example of a company who outsourced their business continuity management to BSI is Vodafone.

Business wise Vodafone needs to ensure that it can provide a constant state of the art, uninterrupted service to its customers.  As Vodafone’s mobile and broadband industry is very competitive it is important for them for their services not to crash as there are plenty of other mobile and broadband providers willing to pick up the pieces. Vodafone and BSI have been partners since 2003. “Following this the organization became the first mobile telecommunications provider in the world to achieve certification to the original BCMP standard”(3). However due to a change in legislation Vodafone had to change their original BCMP plan after several years. As the first business management plan was such a success Vodafone had an advantage over their main rivals in completing the requirements to meet the new legislations for a business continuity plan with the help of BSI.  “The project spanned nine months from first sight of the Final Draft International  Standard (FDIS) to their undertaking the formal audit”(4). After nine months Vodafone’s new business continuity management system was fully integrated into their systems while meeting the new criteria set by the new laws.

During the time in which Vodafone was trying to prepare their new BMP they worked closely with BSI in order to identify the areas of their original BCMP needed improvement and change. Without BSI’s overseeing the transition it probably would have taken a lot longer for Vodafone to complete the new business continuity plan. Rodger  McLaughlin commented on the work carried out with Vodafone and BSI when he said ““As ISO 22301 is a  new standard, and Vodafone was the first UK organization to undergo certification with BSI, we appreciated BSI’s support in understanding the new requirements, the intention of the standard, and the objective evidence required to demonstrate compliance”(5). This shows us that the relationship between BSI and Vodafone is strong and that there is a good working relationship between the two companies.

The new BCMP that Vodafone developed so quickly reaps the benefits for their customers and the company. On one hand the customers can see that Vodafone wanted to keep their customers at ease by developing their new BCMP quickly ensuring there would be no issues with the state. The other benefit is that the can rest assuring that if from some case the Vodafone becomes under stress they have an adequate new business continuity management plan in place to ensure that their customers will not be affected by the issue.

This shows that by Vodafone outsourcing their business continuity management plan to BSI that they have received numerous benefits from this decision. The partnership between Vodafone and BSI also had benefits for BSI. As through other companies seeing how successful Vodafone’s transition from their old business continuity management plan to the new one ran so smoothly, other companies would be encouraged to develop a business relationship with BSI. This is one example of how successfully outsourcing a BCMP to another company can be of benefit in the long run.











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