Current understanding of IS success

5 Feb

Over the last 20 or so years there has been many studies carried out to expand on the original IS success model by DeLean and McLean, which I won’t go into detail as it has been covered a few times in the last few weeks. Authors who have tried to expand on that model include;

Seddon & Kiew 1996 – Who according to Forgarty et al (2003) “took the model a step further when they recast it as a structural model”. The advantage of this was that the model could be empirically tested and with two impact variables removed, this is the model they came up with.


However Rai et al (2002) compared both models and according to Gorla et al (2010) Rai et al tested both models on an individual level and that the study used five variables (system quality, perceived usefulness, user satisfaction, IS use and information quality). According to Gorla et al (2010) both models “exhibited a reasonable fit to the data”. While Livari (2005) tested the 1992 model put forward by DeLeon and McLean using “a mandatory system with employees of a municipal corporation as subjects” Gorla et al (2010). The study found that significant factors for success. While Wu and Wang (2006) examined the model without service quality and their results showed that there is good support for knowledge management system success.

So from this we can conclude that DeLean and McLean’s framework is the basis for other academics who wish to add their own input.

Fogarty –

Gorla et al –

DeLean and McClean –,%20dimensions%20measures%20and%20interrelationships.pdf


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