Developing a framework for management teams to determine the quality of their IS services and outputs.

5 Feb

We should begin the above topic by selecting the basic components and differentiating them into primary constituents. The question requires us to derive a framework (basic structure or building blocks) for management to measure the Information System Quality (ISQ). Usually the Information System and the organisation are intermingled to produce measurable outputs in the environment and the environment also feeds into the system. Therefore the various entities of the various systems have to be disassembled. This will result to some basic questions, such as:  What are the components of the organisation and what are the components of the information technology? How do they interact with themselves and how do they interact with the components of the environment. How do they produce measurable outputs? These questions are related to the narratives of the functions of the members or entities involved in the system. This system therefore comprise of the following; Information System, of an organisation, operating to produce a measurable (quality) output, which feeds back into the environment of people including customers and businesses including competitors.

We will try to understand the nature of the relationships between these entities. The relationships may be one-way relationship, mutual or two-way relationship or opposing relationship. We will also disintegrate these entities into their smaller composite parts. In this case we have to decompose the business organisation and the environment into various functions. Also we have to breakdown information systems into various components to derive a measurable output quality.

The following entities are now part of the requirements analysis for the framework:

Information System: comprising of people, process, IT artefacts

Organisation: comprising all the business functions

Output: comprising of various values and other measurable characteristics (of quality)

Environment: of people including consumers and business including competitors etc

Finally we will relate these major entities to derive a workable framework and to derive some measurable characteristics in their relationships.

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