Measuring Business Excellence

5 Feb

In my research I came across an article from “Milind Kumar Sharma, Rajat Bhagwat, (2006),called “Performance measurements in the implementation of information
systems in small and medium-sized enterprises: a framework and empirical analysis”, it provided some great insights into the frameworks needed, I thought one thing that stood out and that is that they offer a company a way of building their own firm specific Information systems measurement framework. It provide the below steps and then followed onto give a good diagram,
1. “Create awareness for the use of IS management practices in the organization.”
2. “Collect and analyze data on different strategic IS dimensions.”
3. “ Clearly define the company specific objectives and goals of the IS function for each of the six perspectives outlined shown in the diagram below.”
4. “Develop a preliminary performance measurement framework based on the defined objectives and goals of the enterprise.”
5. “Receive comments and feedback on the framework from the management, and revise it accordingly.”
6. “Achieve a consensus on the framework that will be used by the SME”.
7. “Communicate both the IS performance measurement framework and its underlying rationale to all stakeholders.”
We than have to link the steps above to diagram below to help understand the framework, the firm work below is a non-prescriptive , this is due to the fact that all organisations and management will have different ways and measures for the IS, this factor influence both the IS performance measurement framework and the way a company will use it, if a company uses the below frame work it will provide them with a good idea of where IS lies in terms of there business performance, they will need to conduct further information gathering techniques to help them fill in the framework but if they use is correctly it can be very useful

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