Receiving Backing for the Business Case

5 Feb

More often than not receiving backing for an organizations business case is the hard part. It is probably harder than gathering information for the business case because convincing people that the project is worthwhile is no easy task. The findings of your research will be very important in aiding a decision which consists of a long-term commitment or a different movement for the organisation. Stakeholders play a vital role. Because the stakeholders are the people who have an interest in the project you should aim to recognize them and inform them of changes while you’re building your business case.
By taking the following questions into account you would be helping yourself to getting a decent test;

  • Is there any findings which would show that there is something wrong ?
  • How are you going to come up with a proposed solution to address the problem if there is something wrong ?
  • Was there any testing done to prove that your theory is convincing ?
  • What action will be taken if the funders or the beneficiaries do not accept your suggestion ?
  • Are there people who support your decision ?

Listing the different clusters of people who will be affected by the change and what interest they may may have in the project would be very beneficial also.

You will then be able to start recognising how you are goin to tell them about any change and check to see if they are going to be intersted or on the other hand, rather sceptical about the whole project. You may also recognize actions you could take to create better relations and build up their commitment. There are a number of actions you can take to ensure this such as meetings, presentations and various other communications. Making the decisionmakers aware of what you’re trying to achieve may help them to trust and support you during your project. This is why it is very worthwhile to create decent relationships with the decisionmakers. It is also beneficial to get the stakeholders involved  as you can aid them to build up ownership and you may help them to give commitment to any change.

A decisionmaker will want decent evidence to support your project, especially when budgets aren’t so flexible. It would be the same thing as asking someone for a load of cash without giving them a good reason for why you need it, how you are going to use it, and what they will get in return.



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