Developing a Business Continuity Plan – the PPRR framework

6 Feb



PPRR Framework

Throughout the past blogs, our group has discussed Business continuity and the cloud (ericlynch1), Hurricane Katrina (billynomates), business disaster recovery plan (Mirra2). Our discussion on business continuity has been developing well but I feel that we now need to start incorporating relevant literature on actual framworks which will help us to craft an effective Business Continuity Plan framework. One such plan is the PPRR framework.





Developing a BCP and using the appropriate framework is a very difficult process. It is not an exact science and it is open to interpretation. A particular template that is available to a company is the Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PPRR) framework. Each of the four key elements is represented by a part in the Business Continuity Planning Process. It is important to distinguish that a BCP is to be implemented after a disaster has been stabilised.

Prevention – Risk Management planning

Incorporates the Prevention element that identifies and manages the likelihood and/or effects of risk associated with an incident.

Preparedness –  Business Impact Analysis

Incorporates the Preparedness element that identifies and prioritises the key activities of a business that may be adversely affected by any disruptions.

Response – Incident Response planning

Incorporates the Response element and outlines immediate actions taken to respond to an incident in terms of containment, control and minimising impacts.

Recovery –  Recovery planning

Incorporates the Recovery element that outlines actions taken to recover from an incident in order to minimise disruption and recovery times.

There is also a section entitled Rehearse, Maintain and Review which encourages the business to test, regularly review and update the Business Continuity Plan to ensure that the staff are familiar with it, and that it reflects your changing business needs.

Many academics discuss whether PPRR is an outdated framework and it is not without its limitations. What do people think? Could we implement some of its principles into our own framework?



(2) Wikipedia – Emergency Management

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