Drivers of business cases —> $$$

6 Feb

My Previous blogs discuss what is needed to form a business case, what are the other possible solutions available to you and the consequences if you fail.

This blog will research the concept of ‘the bigger the risk, the bigger the gain’.

The above link leads to the successful business case of intel,80386. A company once running the risk of being eliminated by its competitors, causing for a revolutionary business framework resulting in intel becoming the house hold name it is today.


The real key behind the success of any company is to know what your customers want, how to to manipulate the market to your needs – and most importantly – know when a new business case is needed and when to drop the previously successful persona and adapt to the new cultural experiences before your competitors do.

Why is this so difficult to undertake??


As the old saying goes ‘ if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it!’

It may be true that your current business methods may not be broken, yet they may also not be reaching the maximum capacity possible – a fact your competitors may be aware of.

Yet do you want to be the one responsible for causing the failure of the newly implemented system when the last one seemed to be performing ‘just fine’. Do you want to explain to the CEOs why the budget is being spent in this area when thay may be interested in the here and now?

The following are links on human nature.

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