Quality IS in Healthcare

6 Feb

For this blog I will discuss the role of IS quality in Healthcare. Quality of information systems is essential in all areas but there is a case to be that healthcare could be the most vital. With the way the healthcare system is, the issue of quality in information systems is quite important. It is a vitally important area of today’s society and with quality IS it has to be have the ability to maximize its benefits to the people.

As part of this blog I will discuss the role of a framework developed in order to improve quality in information systems. It gives an outline as to what it takes to have success on healthcare with IS. The particular framework I am addressing is on done by Niland, Rouse & Stahl (2006) in their paper “An informatics blueprint for healthcare quality information systems” They presented this statement in that paper and described it as essential for IS quality in Healthcare.

“A robust healthcare quality information system (HQIS) has the potential to address this deficiency through the capture, codification, and analysis of information about patient treatments and related outcomes. Because non-technical issues often present the greatest challenges, this paper provides an overview of these socio-technical issues in building a successful HQIS, including the human, organizational, and knowledge management (KM) perspectives” Niland, Rouse & Stahl (2006)


This is a framework that shows what it takes to have success through quality IS. It is a literature map of the features of a successful healthcare information quality system (HQIS). Is it broken down very well and goes through each aspect individually and also gives a nice description of each aspect to help the business implement this. The what, who and how aspects are very interesting and covers all the socio-technical aspects of a framework and indeed of IS quality. The framework then breaks down all the functional areas.

In my opinion this framework would prove to be a success in the healthcare system. It does cater for all the aspects of the healthcare system and I believe if this framework was followed it would prove to be a success. As always with frameworks it would not be a quick fix and might have to be altered but indeed if done correctly it could work.



Niland. C.J. et al. (2006) “An Informatics Blueprint for Healthcare Quality Information Systems” Division of Information Sciences, City of Hope National Medical Center, 1500 East Duarte Road, Duarte, CA

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