Building Business Performance

7 Feb

This video shows why measuring Information Technology can pay off for a company
I got this off youtube and the video was made by ATT Enterprises
This video shows the importance of not just measureing how new technology investment benefit a companies performance but managers need
to look at at there hole entire technology platforms.
In the video they mention a couple of very important areas or Business Enablers,that need to be in place to make investment in new technologies payoff these are as follows:
1. Skills
3.Digital Platform
So a company thats thinking of investing in new technologies needs to also invest in these business enablers to make it increase company performance
All the Frameworks in the world can be in place to measure buiness performance from investment in new Information technology and alot of these frameworks have been covered in previous blogs not just by myself but by others, there is a need by managers to take a look a there existing Informations Systems and work from there, while i do feel the video above covers this point well it also shows the benefits that a company can recieve from measuring IT and business performance.


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