The Business Case playbook

8 Feb

Business cases can come across as a box ticking exercise. However it is vital that your IT-Business cases the below sections and skills. It is divided between “Elements” and “Expertise” to help managers develop a framework for creating IS-Business cases.  The table below provides an excellent step by step guide when developing your business case.


These are heading under which one can build a business case, they include;

Defining strategic vision

Strategic Critical Factors (High level actors)


Return in Investment



Key stakeholders

Key performance indicators (measuring success or failures)

Business Benefits (Cost savings, revenue opportunities, process efficiencies)

Strategic change drivers

Risk Analysis (technical and non-technical, what happens if we do nothing?)

Project scope.


These are essential basic skills for creating a thorough business case.

Thorogh research skills

Essay writing and presentation skills (who is the report intended for

Industry knowledge (so as to benchmark progess of the project)

A step by step guide



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