What is Information Systems quality and who beholds it?

8 Feb

In this blog we shall review our tentative Fig 1 model to define and include other parameters of the IS measurement model such as quality.

The word ‘quality’ is so frequently used, however its use is somehow ubiquitous, deep and enigmatic. ‘Quality’ is like beauty, it is said to be ‘in the eye of the beholder’. Quality is a comparative attribute or relative characteristics of things which may be observed to be good, bad or ugly; high, medium or low; big, average or small. Quality may be about things and also relative in the way it is observed and described by various people. Therefore we have to determine what is observed and understand its description or attributes in the eye of the observers. In this case there is a product to be observed by people.We have therefore derived some fundamental factors in the theme; that quality comprises of 3 major requirements, the product, the process of observation and the people to observe it. The fundamental questions are therefore, what is the product, how is it observed and who are the people observing.

Based on these questions above we shall analyse the various elements of the products and their qualities and the process of observation and those involved. In this we will also see the information system as a kind of product which comprise of other components. Also we shall understand how it could be observed and why it should be observed, perhaps because there are various misunderstanding and doubts, a kind of murky darkness which requires a brighter light and the need for observation. Also there are various people (the beholders) involved; perhaps the public, the government, the employers and employees ‘in whose eyes the beauty lay’. Finally we shall find how all these fragments of different composites and sub-components can be arranged systematically together as a structure or a framework resulting to a meaningful expression in thought and word from which further actions could be derived.

The overall questions narrows down to the ratings or grading or qualities of the various components of the information system which combine with certain qualities of the functions of business in the environment to produce certain qualities of output service. Therefore the output is a measure of all the qualities of the components which combine to result to a measurable output.

Therefore the system quality measure is equal to the resultant of all the measures of the various components of each system. The organisational quality + IS quality = output quality which also return to feed the other. This is shown in fig 2 below.

Fig 2. Quality components of the information system elements                                                            Fig 2. Quality components of IS Interactive elements IS Interactive Componentsnew

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