Business Continuity: No ‘one size fits all’ solution

9 Feb

As stated in my previous blog, a Business Continuity Plan (BCP from here forward) is embedded in the day to day functioning of an organisation. It is there as a safety net to be called to the front line in times of adversity. Therefore a BCP must be individually tailored to an organisation; there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. aherntim1 eludes to this fact in an early blog but it is important to revise this in nearing our construction of a BCP framework. Many of the case studies used in this blog are based on large organisations with ‘large problems’. The disasters that have been repeatedly spoken about are dramatic and high level such as earthquakes and terrorism. While these are clearly disasters that an organisation would hope their BCP would overcome, it is just as relevant to look at Business Continuity Planning on a smaller scale; a scale that would include the local doctor or printers. These may not need to worry about an earthquake but they do have to keep in mind other serious problems such as IT malfunction. I feel it important to reflect on this as a good BCP framework should be applicable to any size organisation, no matter how big or small they are, or where they are located.

So, if ‘no one size fits all’ how is a framework even possible?

Throughout this blog a number of important factors have been mentioned and highlighted for inclusion in a framework. sully1210 mentions the importance of a whole business approach, not just the IT department. cob12 talks of how crucial a reliable method of testing is, and how it is vital to be able to distinguish between an incident and a crisis. These will all be active players in our framework I’m sure. But, no matter how comprehensive a framework is, it is merely a tool in the successful implementation of a BCP.

The size, and the nature of the organisation will determine what BCP evolves within an organisation as a result of using a framework. Two organisations using the same framework will never implement the exact same plan. Therefore I feel flexibility is vital in our BCP framework. It needs to work on many levels and be a helpful tool regardless of what industry an organisation operate in, or how sizable a player they are with in that industry.

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