Building Successful Information Systems

10 Feb

It is difficult to define a successful information system, but in generally, a successful IS should be accurate, reliable, used widely and work as intended. The whole quality of the organization should be promoted with a good IS. A successful IS will do the following:

  •         Realize the business goals of users;
  •          Create the corresponding value for the company with proper costs;
  •         Meet the defined standards;
  •          Have accurate and reliable output;
  •          Be easy for users to learn and use;
  •          Be flexible.

Building IS

The reasons to build an IS now are not just for saving money, reducing work force or being efficient but supporting decision making, meeting the high expectation of customers and coordinating groups in an organization. The following is the process of developing an IS:


Figure 1. The IS development process

The factors influencing the IS development can be classified into external environmental factors and internal institutional factors. The external factors include constraints and environment opportunities. The costs of resources, competitions with others and the changes of government regulations can be regarded as constraints. The opportunities include: new technology, new resources, new government programs and so on. The institutional factors will influence the adoption and design of IS through the values, norms and interests which the organization will choose.

In detail, these factors should be included:

  •          Support of top-level managers;
  •          Involvement of all the users;
  •          Use of a proven systems development methodology;
  •          Clear goals and objectives;
  •          Focus on the most important problems and opportunities;
  •          Good training programs;
  •          Well-organized maintenance programs.

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