Context is King

10 Feb

As I am entering the arena quite late & having read the comprehensive blogs which have been written by my colleagues on IS quality, my observation as I and my group move towards constructing a framework is the necessity of a ranking system of importance in terms of what the organisation requires from the Information System. If as reported between 50- 80% of Information systems are failing, perhaps it is due to trying to tick every box & trying to meet every need of the organisation. Perhaps it is necessary to focus on achieving higher quality from certain outputs/needs & a lower quality from others.

The use of resources when implementing a new IS system especially in these economic times must be paramount. There seems to be a general consensus in society & in what is a most definite shift in attitude from the  Celtic Tiger era that it is no longer necessary to have it all.

In terms of an Information system what does that mean? Well it means being realistic, assessing your business needs, and recognising that an Information System can bring huge advantages to your organisation while also recognising that to successfully implement an IS you will need to decide what really matters to you, For example on a scale of 1-10: If your business need is speed then  that ranks number 1 & if your system operates on an Intranet then having very secure data is most likely not a major concern and therefore ranks 10 and therefore could be seen as a bonus if you can achieve data security but in reality it is not a measure of quality for your IS.

The needs of organisations differ industry wide and I feel what is lacking in the frameworks which have been presented to us all in class in the last few weeks is the need for context, is it really possible to construct a framework which can be applied to all Information Systems, regardless of Who the organisation are, What they want from the information system and What can realistically be achieved. Could this be part of the issue with the high failure rate of Information Systems that in an attempt to gratify every need we are aiming too high & in a situation akin to Business Process Reengineering while the reward might be great perhaps the risks are too high.

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