Information Systems Quality – Design

10 Feb

In my last few blogs I wrote about the change in perception of design towards that of major importance over the last thirty years, on design processes, Design Science and of Human Computer Interaction. I this blog I want to write about the gains that investments in design can give your business, and how Google changed the way we design websites. Many experts today believe that design is the only distinguishing factor between items, many businesses can easily copy other people’s ideas but their designs may be why they sell better.

Design Investment:

£20 billion is spent a year in the UK on design, leading the UK to be on the forefront of most design frontiers, design is also the largest the biggest single source of intangible investment in the UK. In the video below they refer to the relationship between the clients and designers as the most important, you might have the best architects or designers in the world but your client really decides what they need and how they need it. If the client knows what they want and they are paired with an accomplished designer then they will have a very prosperous relationship. Design will encourage innovation, creates competitive advantage and drives growth.

David Frost,Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce said;

“Anybody now can turn out any product, what will differentiate is that unique design flare that’s built into a product, that’s what creates the value.” [1]

IS Design and Minimalism:

 It’s very obvious how much the design of websites has changed in the web 2.0 years when compared to the earlier years of the net. Today websites try to be simple and direct, why bug your viewers with annoying graphics and distractions. Google I believe has led the way in this new era, when they launched at the turn of the 21st century their homepage was so bare in comparison to Yahoo etc. Google realised that people preferred to see their site because it was simple and easy, the search bar is in the middle and there are no distractions.



IS systems today are also trying to be easier to use, SAP one of the world’s largest business intelligence systems is very bright and menu friendly, with home buttons and easy to navigate screens. Your customer should always be given what they want and judging by the success of these simpler designs, they may be the future of IS design.


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple that’s creativity” Charles Mingus [2]


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