The Problems of IS

10 Feb

Communication problems between users and designers may be the major factor which leads to the failure of IS. The users and IS specialists have different backgrounds, priorities and goals. The specialists often have a highly technical or orientation to problem solving. They look for elegant and sophisticated technical solutions in which hardware and software efficiency is optimized at the expense of easy of use or organizational effectiveness. Users, on the other hand, prefer systems that are oriented to solving business problems or facilitating organizational tasks. Often the orientations of booth groups are so at odds that they appear to speak in different tongues.

In general, IS problems can be classified into: design, data, cost, operations.
– The system fails to capture essential business requirements
– Information may not be provided by system quickly enough or in a usable format
– Some systems go unused because they were designed with a poor user interface
– The data in the system have a high level of inaccuracy, or incompleteness
– The data may not be broken out properly for business purposes
– Some systems cost so much to implement or operate that they cannot be justified by the demonstrated business value of the information they provide
– Information is not provided in a timely and efficient manner because the computer operations that handle information processing may be break down
– These problems can be caused by technical, managerial, and organizational factors

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